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Anita Lynch is a businesswoman, author, motivational speaker, wife, and mother of two beautiful children, and she absolutely, positively refuses to live in fear.  She is the founder of No Fear Here, a multimedia platform dedicated to empowering women. For over fifteen years, she has exemplified a higher level of service distinction, in several North Carolina counties, by combating homelessness and bringing awareness to mental health and substance use concerns. Through her business platform, she provides transformational aid to the reentry population via housing, employment, and a significant didactic curriculum. 


Anita has her degree in Business Administration from North Carolina Wesleyan College and 2 years of masters-level professional counseling education from Capella University. She is a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor, Mental Health Qualified Professional and Moral Reconation Therapy Instructor. Founded in 2015, Anita is also the CEO of Road 2 Recovery, LLC. She believes in second chances and offers a program that provides Driving While Impaired (DWI) substance abuse treatment and housing for individuals returning home after incarceration. She is also the founder of Road 2 Recovery Foundation. Owning a home is a viable option with education and training. Despite bias and numerous struggles with homeownership, for those with a criminal background, it is an attainable goal. Anita believes that a person’s past should not hinder the American Dream and her foundation makes it possible. She is the New Reentry Services Program Coordinator, a non-profit organization that advocates for persons who have been justice-involved, and an active member of the New Reentry Council, Coalition for Addiction Recovery and Education Committee, and Council of Community Service. With a passionate heart to motivate and inspire people to walk in their purpose without fear, her goal has always been to show the love of God and make a difference.

White Background


With committed resilience, Anita Lynch has been an icon in the community, overcoming industry challenges that plague the underprivileged. Her unparalleled service bolsters civic engagement and cultivates relationships with an at-risk demographic, providing second-chance opportunities to an otherwise forgotten population. Her civic toil has progressively impacted homelessness for the betterment of communities in counties across Eastern North Carolina.

Anita’s enthusiasm and vitality affect entire groups that augment involvement by raising support for community programs and initiatives. She works with neighborhood organizations to formulate coalitions beneficial to transitional housing members and commits colossal sums of time to bring plans to fruition. A humanitarian civic service agent, she loves to serve in the community. It is the core of who she truly is. From business management to boots on the ground, to direct service at community events, coordination, planning, transitional housing, mental health counseling, DWI, and recidivism reduction services she works tirelessly in the community to be effective that changes the trajectory of lives.

Through the platform of Road 2 Recovery, LLC she has assisted individuals with substance abuse or psychological conditions overcome with holistic therapy. Dissuading substance abuse and its related triggers is an invaluable service to the

justice-involved population and surrounding communities. The transitional housing program combats homelessness while reintroducing members back into society with educational curricula that teach life and coping skills, including help to become gainfully employed. The vast community work of Anita Lynch is evidence of a “road to recovery” philosophy that yields communal change. Her efforts have led to greater inclusion, parity, and rights for ostracized communities and individuals.

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