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No Fear Here is an eye-opening read that exposes the multi-faceted guise of fear.  Fear can pose as procrastination, excuses, frustration, and other means that cripple life's purpose to render one stuck in commonplace cycles. It devours joy, peace, and progress. Fear is a spirit that will bind you up in chains, unable to live the life God intended for you to enjoy.


Fear welcomes mediocrity. It prevents one from living their best life. I desire that you see yourself doing remarkable things, beating the odds, and conquering fear. You can if you believe that it is possible. What if the world is waiting for your gift? One person can make a difference. Could that be you?


You can refuse to sit on the sidelines, always viewing life from the passenger seat. Take control and be the driver of your dreams. I learned to trust God and conquer fear. I am no longer bound to this crippling spirit. I am Anita Lynch, and I challenge you to exchange fear for faith. See yourself there. Believe you can have your heart’s desire. Work towards your goals one idea at a time. Dream again and make it happen!


I pray that you launch your action plan today as you move toward living a fear-free, victorious life. 


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